Can Official Assignor be used for our sport?

Official Assignor can be used for any sport, including football, lacrosse, basketball, soccer, baseball & softball, wrestling, volleyball, track & field, swimming, netball, rubgy, and field hockey.
Is Official Assignor mobile device friendly??

Yes. Officials can easily check their schedules and accept & decline games on their phones. Game cancellations and other notices are sent as text messages to officials' phones as well.
Why should we switch from our current system?

Official Assignor gives you more features, and easier setup and use, at a more affordable rate!
Can our current data be imported into Official Assignor?

YES! We can import your data from a spreadsheet, a database (e.g. Microsoft Access) or another assigning application at NO CHARGE.
How long does it take to get going?

You can complete the setup and start assigning games in the same day.

The setup screens are laid out in a logical order and easy to complete. Drop-down menus reduce typing to a minimum.

Does Official Assignor compute officials' pay?

Yes. Official Assignor computes your officials' pay including mileage, assignor fees, per diems and misc. deductions. It also computes the amount each team/club owes and creates invoices for you to send them ... and, track using the integrated INVOICE MANAGER. Printable reports are available with a click.

Can I look at the inner workings of Official Assignor?

Sure. Please call 503.336.3713 for details.

How much does it cost to use Official Assignor?

There is a one-time-only fifty dollar setup fee (being WAIVED until Labor Day 2015!) and a $4 per assigned official, per season fee.
Call 503.336.3713 or email for more specific information.

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